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Protect your confidential information and trade secrets

Trade Marks and copyright enjoy legal protection. But did you know that other intellectual property (IP), such as highly confidential information that is part of your unique edge and essential to the running of your business, may also be protected? There is court based law that will generally protect valuable confidential information. As leading intellectual property lawyers based in Melbourne, PCL Lawyers can help you safeguard your trade secrets to prevent them from being used against you in an unlawful or unethical manner.

It is important that your business keeps such confidential information secret from all but those who ‘need-to-know’. While Australian law does not give the same importance to an action for ‘breach of trust’ as some overseas jurisdictions, trade secrets are protectable with appropriate documentation. In fact, much of the work that an IP lawyer undertakes in the area of intellectual property involves the protection of trade secrets or other information which is not protectable by other statutory means.

Do you have Confidential Information and Trade Secrets that are at stake?

A common example is where an employee of a company, who has undertaken in an employment contract not to breach the confidence of the employer by disclosing certain information such a trade secret, subsequently does so. Such breaches can cause irreparable damage to your company’s culture, brand, and profit. An intellectual property lawyer, however, will ensure you have sufficient grounds to seek legal action by helping you register trade marks, write licensing agreements or apply for patents – whatever is necessary for your intellectual property to be legally recognised as yours.

If you have had a breach of confidence committed against you and you want to consider enforcing your legal rights. We can assist you

Alternatively, if you have been accused of breaching a confidence, please also contact us in order we may advise you in relation to your rights.

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