Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers

In any dispute, the goal is to resolve the matter a quickly as possible, in a way that is satisfactory to you. 

We appreciate the need to get to the heart of the problem quickly and work through a plan to achieve results quickly and in a cost efficient manner. We will where possible seek to engage with the other party on your behalf to resolve the matter without having to resort to litigation, where possible. This can be done through various dispute management strategy techniques.

Where litigation is unavoidable, our team has the skill to litigate your matter with tenacity and resolve. We will nevertheless seek to get your dispute resolved during the ligation process. There will usually be a requirement for compulsory mediation quite quickly once legal proceedings have commenced and mediation can occur more than once during a proceeding. There are other settlement measures that can also be incorporated during a proceeding. That said, if your matter proceeds to trial we have the ability and experience to present your case to the court in an organised and coherent way.

Our dispute resolution and litigation experience includes matters relating to:

Commercial Disputes

“Our litigation lawyers are smart, understand the commercial world and fight hard for the best interests of our clients. While we aim to settle your matter quickly where possible. We are well able to represent your interests in a smart and determined way.”

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Commercial Lease Disputes

Lease disputes are almost are inevitable. The key is to determine how can the dispute can be resolved in the most cost effective way.

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Franchising Disputes

Disputes occasionally occur between a Franchisor and Franchisee. There and be disagreements that require – or would be better served – by the investment in legal advice and assistance.

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Debt Recovery

As a law firm, we at PCL Lawyers appreciate that business can suffer when debtors are late making payment. Cash flow is imperative for a business’ survival. You might have used a traditional debt collection agency to chase payments from clients, only to discover their basic, outdated approach is ineffective and doesn’t deliver the results you need…

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Shareholder Disputes

If you have a dispute as a shareholder in a private company, we can assist in providing you with relevant, practical legal advice in relation to your rights and obligations as shareholder and/or those of other shareholders.

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Tax Office Disputes

If you have a dispute with the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (Australian Taxation Office), we can provide you with legal advice in relation to your position.

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Trade Mark Disputes

When you register a trade mark, there is the expectation that, as the owner, you have exclusive rights to its use. A registered trade mark is a sign used in business to indicate that goods or services come from a particular trader or service provider.

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As solicitors who are experts in the complex and sensitive area of company insolvency, PCL Lawyers in Melbourne can advise you in relation to your legal rights as a company and that of any guarantors.

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