Breach of Contract Lawyers

Breach of Contract Lawyers

A breach of contract can have significant legal consequences. If the breach is proven, an affected party may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation. There are other ways in which the contract breach can be fixed but money (damages) is usually what is sought.

Examples of solutions other than money include:

  • specific performance which makes the other party do what it has promised to do
  • in urgent circumstances, an injunction – which restrains the other party form doing something.

If you have visited our site, you are probably already in a dispute and have ha communication with the other party.

How Can We Help?

We have strong experience in representing:

  • those who have been wronged by a breach of contact and seek legal intervention to enforce rights;
  • those who have been accused of breaching a contract and require advice.

Our process is that we will listen to you first of all and provide you with advice in relation to your circumstances and our considered view as to the strength of your case.

Exploring all potential avenues for a satisfactory outcome

We don’t believe every dispute has to see a courtroom. We will seek to negotiate with the other party, providing them with an outline of the strength of your position, with the view to resolving the dispute early. An aggressively litigious approach therefore need not be the initial approach, as it may not be required.


If litigation is required, while settlement during the proceeding will always remain and option and should be encouraged, we take a very tough approach to fighting each client’s case. If we take on your case, we will represent your case in an vigorous, organized and considered way.

We act on behalf of small to medium sized business clients. The amount of money or issues in dispute may be small or large.

If you require legal advice

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