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It’s not always easy for businesses whose cash flow is reliant upon clients paying their monthly bills and invoices. It becomes especially difficult when those unpaid invoices start to build up month after month, client after client. When the situation starts to affect your work and home life, debt collection becomes necessary. PCL Lawyers offers highly effective debt recovery services in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, using our extensive and detailed knowledge of the law combined with a dogged, determined approach to help you recoup the funds you are rightfully owed. No matter what the size of the debt you need to chase up, legal representation sends a clear message to debtors and will inevitably save you money and time in recovering your money.

The Debt Collection Process

PCL Lawyers is much more than a debt collection agency. We are a Melbourne law firm with an experienced team of debt collectors that follow an effective debt recovery process. We believe most collectors are not proactive enough in their approach, which is why many turn to us.

Our process is as follows

1. Consultation
With any debt collection matter, we will start by carefully listening to you about your situation. We consider the nature of the debt and will then give you options as to how to best legally recover the funds owing. This will often depend on a number of factors including but not limited to the size, location and nature of the debtor.

2. Letter of Demand
Generally the first point of contact between our debt collection services and the debtor is with a letter of demand. This letter outlines exactly how much is owed and gives the borrower information on how to make the payment.

3. Phone contact
Our debt collectors may make phone contact in addition to the letter of demand. This gives the case a sense of urgency and encourages fast action.

4. Legal Proceedings, Creditor’s Statutory Demand of Payment of Debt, Liquidation, Bankruptcy
The above tools are all part of the arsenal we can draw on as part of our debt recovery services. Different recovery methods are used for different types of debtors and at different times. Our goal is to get maximum leverage on the debtor.

5. Settlement of the debt
Part of our finesse is finishing the matter carefully. Our debt collectors have a very unique way of forcefully encouraging a settlement with a debtor who wants to settle the debt (or they will be forced to face the issue via legal process), which will generally better secure your position and recover your legal costs.

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Your legal team will keep you informed as to the progress of your case every step of the way. Our debt collectors apply legal methods that are tried and tested. Our focus is on recovering your money.

To find out how an experienced debt recovery lawyer can help restore cash flow in your business, call us on 1300 907 335 for a confidential discussion or to book a consultation at our Melbourne offices. Alternatively, please complete the contact form on this page and we will be back to you promptly.

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