Buying A Business

Business Acquisition

Our business purchase lawyers are very experienced and commercially savvy.

Some of the things we can assist you with are as follows:

  • Due Diligence
  • Business Purchase Contract Review
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Business Structure Advice
  • Lease Advice
  • Asset Only Purchases
Different types of businesses require different advice

Small Business Purchase

We recognise that small businesses have their own set of legal matters that need to be attended to and we provide relevant legal advice. We tailor our small business purchase package to be cost effective, based on what is required in your particular case.

Just few (of many) typical issues could include:

  • Does the seller have the right to the business name?
  • How much time is left on the lease? Does the landlord agree to the sale?
  • Does he or she owe money on the inventory or equipment and could it be repossessed by the suppliers?

It is imperative that in the enthusiasm to acquire a business or start a new business, these types of issues are explored.

Larger Or More Complex Businesses

Medium-size businesses acquisitions will often have quite individual issues that require careful thought by your lawyers and you as the purchaser. There may be complex ownership arrangements, assignments of existing arrangement, intellectual property issues and complex employment matters to consider. Our senior lawyers can provide detailed advice. We have experience in complex and detailed negotiations to ensure that your interests are protected, but while understanding the need to remain commercially minded in representing your interests. As we deal with many types of businesses we can discover relevant issues that may not have been previously considered.

Matters To Consider When Purchasing Any Business

Due Diligence

Purchasing a business can be exciting. It is likely that those selling you the business are extolling its positive aspects.

When you are considering buying an existing business, it is wise to undertake careful due-diligence and then to ensure that your business purchase documentation is in order and appropriate for you in the circumstances.

Experience has taught us that proper due-diligence helps a purchaser go in “eyes wide open” and hopefully be more aware of any weaknesses that the business has. The results may affect amount you offer to pay for the business.

Due diligence in relation to a relatively small business purchase might include some of the following:

  • Financial statements from previous years, including detailed profit and loss
  • The strength of the customer base
  • The adequacy of business premises, including any lease
  • Your ability to increase the turnover / profitability of the business

Useful due-diligence will assist you in helping you to decide whether the seller’s terms are fair and appropriate .

Acting With Your Best Interests In Mind

Buying a business requires lawyers who have experience across many different areas of law.

We provide fast and cost-effective advice.

If you’re looking for experienced business purchase lawyers who understand the cut and thrust of business, please contact us and to talk to one of our team.

We can be contacted on 1300 907 335 or, if you prefer, please fill out the contact form on this page and one of our business purchase lawyers will respond to you promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concise Legal Advice. Commercial Understanding.

Concise legal advice.

Concise legal advice.

This is the book smart part – our knowledge of the law is extensive in a wide range of matters and we understand how that affects business.

Commercial Understanding.

Commercial Understanding.

Delivering great legal advice is not just about understanding the law but also understanding the context of your business and how it will operate in the real world – this is the street smarts part. We have a strong emphasis for our team to have this commercial mindset so you get the best legal solutions.

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