Business Contracts

Business Contracts & Agreements

There are many types of business contracts and advice that you may enter into. These can range from standard terms of trade to shareholder agreements. There are many forms of contracts that are required in commercial transactions that will outline the rights and responsibilities of the parties. If well drafted will protect your business in the event of problems arising.

We have extensive commercial law experience and our lawyers have helped many business owners in preparing proper legal documentation that is well drafted and unambiguous. If contracts are not clearly written they are usually open to different interpretations and this is where disputes and litigation typically stems from.
Some contracts can be a simpler standard form, but most will require modification and individualisation if they are to fully protect you in your business dealings.
Our firm can handle agreements & contracts from drafting stage to disputes in court proceedings we have extensive experience and knowledge in commercial law transactions.
There are many different types of business contracts. Contracts can be created for any type of commercial arrangement.

Where we can assist with commercial agreements include:

Contract Advice

We draft, provide advice on, negotiating commercial contracts.
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Shareholder Agreements

The focus of a shareholder agreement is usually on what each shareholder will bring to the relationship and the way the new entity will be managed and report its results.
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Distribution Agreements

A distribution agreement (or distributorship agreement) is a document that will outline the rights of the supplier of goods and the distributor of goods. The arrangement may be for rights to distribute goods locally within Australia or on an international basis.
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Partnership Agreements

A partnership is entered into when two or more people (partners) enter into business together with a vision to make profit. Both (or all of the) partners share the responsibilities, benefits and risks involved in running the business.

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Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade are the terms and conditions by which you sell goods and services to your customers and your business buys goods and services from your suppliers.
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Loan & Mortgage Agreements

Whether you are borrowing or lending money we can assist you with Mortgage and Loan Agreement Advice. We can prepare a mortgage and Loan Agreements to ensure that your loan is adequately secured.
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Employment Agreements

As employment lawyers, we understand the difficulties that employers face ensuring that employees act in the best interests of a business.
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Franchise Agreements

For a franchisee, we can assist in providing advice around buying a franchise and pre-purchase due diligence, franchise disputes and selling your franchise.

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Co-Founder & Venture Capital Agreements

Make sure that you get the right advice before you get bound by Co-founder & Venture Capital Agreements.

Leasing Agreements

Make sure your leases are correctly drafted to suit your individual circumstances and industry.

Service Agreements

We will make sure that your service agreements are well drafted to cover your business.

Business Sale Contracts

Selling a business or commercial premises it is a substantial investment decision and the right advice can save you thousands and make the process much easier.

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Business Purchase Contracts

Make sure you get the right advice and representation when buying a business. We work to make sure the terms and conditions are right and make the process much easier.

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Commercial Property Leases

We provide landlords and tenants with legal advice across the full range of leasing issues from drafting leases and associated documents through to conclusion of the leases.

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Other Contracts

There are many other types of contracts in addition to the above list in relation to which we provide legal advice. We also draft contracts for unique circumstances.

Whilst this list is not exhaustive our business lawyers can assist in drafting agreements and contracts that suit any of your business needs.

Our team are professional and our work is of a very high quality. We have commercial understanding and can help you by filling in any of the potential blind spots you may have or missing knowledge, so that your agreements and contracts are fully comprehensive and effective.

We are here to get the best results for your business needs.

Call us on 1300907335 to speak to a contract lawyer or complete an online enquiry form and we will contact you promptly.

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