Read Our Story Melbourne Based Business Lawyers and Commercial Law Experts.

Do you seek business lawyers who understand business?

Our lawyers understand the areas of law in which they practice but also understand the commercial realities facing business owners.

The combination of this legal and commercial experience is a valuable asset to you when you need make important business decisions or navigate complex negotiations.

We are a full service business law firm based in Melbourne. This means we can advise about virtually any legal matter that affects an Australian business.

OUR SERVICES Providing Expert Business Advice

Our team of business lawyers provide cleat advice on company structures, partnerships or whether you want to setup as a sole trader.

These are important considerations for enterpreneurs when starting a business.

Experts In Negotiating

For any disputes or complex issues arise our lawyers are strategic thinkers and expert negotiators. We fight hard on behalf of our clients and we can engage with diverse range of stakeholders and to deliver you a variety of legal solutions.

Whether it is delicate pre-dispute or contract negotiations, mediation or court representation, it is wise to seek out a business lawyer who can tactfully and strategically deliver the right result. We carefully consider all parts of the argument and work smart to get the best solution for you so that you can get back to running your business faster.

We look to assist our clients to protect their business with our legal knowledge and experience. We are looking to become a trusted advisor in your business and not just another lawyer.

Why Choose us

Concise Legal Advice. Commercial Understanding.

Concise legal advice.

Concise legal advice.

This is the book smart part – our knowledge of the law is extensive in a wide range of matters and we understand how that affects business.

Commercial Understanding.

Commercial Understanding.

Delivering great legal advice is not just about understanding the law but also understanding the context of your business and how it will operate in the real world – this is the street smarts part. We have a strong emphasis for our team to have this commercial mindset so you get the best legal solutions.

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