Melbourne based Business and Litigation Lawyers

Do you seek business lawyers who understand business?

Our lawyers understand the areas of law in which they practice but also understand the commercial realities facing business owners.

The combination of this legal and commercial experience is a valuable asset to you when you need make important business decisions or navigate complex negotiations.

We are a full service business law firm based in Melbourne. This means we can advise about virtually any legal matter that affects an Australian business.

We promise to provide you:

  • Documents of a very high standard
  • To respond to you quickly
  • To listen to you in first in order to understand that you seek
  • To provide you with clear, competent, articulate legal advice

From start-up to insolvency we can cover any legal needs a business may require. We provide quality legal documentation and advice so you can rely on your contracts and agreements.

This Is What Our Clients Say:

“I have worked with the team at PCL Lawyers on a number of projects over the past 12 months. I have found their company to be very professional, from the admin team through to the lawyers.” M. Harriss

“Your resolve, tenacity and professionalism in helping us understand and navigate the issues involved within civil litigation from the perspective of small business owners has been invaluable. We cannot be more thankful for the personal kindnesses from your team that were given to us that surpassed what was expected from any legal service provider.” J .Portelli

“Instrumental in assisting me to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome in relation to a complex corporate law matter” J . Sparks

“Lucy Evans drafted some employment contracts for us, and we could not be more thrilled with her. She was incredibly thorough, raised points we hadn’t even considered, delivered our contracts very quickly, and made herself available on a Saturday morning to go through them. Lucy was incredibly professional, and made us feel like there was a genuine level of care – unlike previous experiences where we were made to feel like a timed hour. Highly recommend, and will continue to use the team at PCL!” Olivia Orchowski

Experts in Negotiating

For any disputes or complex issues arise our lawyers are strategic thinkers and expert negotiators. We fight hard on behalf of our clients and we can engage with diverse range of stakeholders and to deliver you a variety of legal solutions.

Whether it is delicate pre-dispute or contract negotiations, mediation or court representation, it is wise to seek out a business lawyer who can tactfully and strategically deliver the right result. We carefully consider all parts of the argument and work smart to get the best solution for you so that you can get back to running your business faster.

We look to assist our clients to protect their business with our legal knowledge and experience. We are looking to become a trusted advisor in your business and not just another lawyer.

Concise Legal Advice.

Commercial Understanding.TM

Concise legal advice: This is the book smart part – our knowledge of the law is extensive in a wide range of matters and we understand how that affects business.

Commercial Understanding: Delivering great legal advice is not just about understanding the law but also understanding the context of your business and how it will operate in the real world – this is the street smarts part. We have a strong emphasis for our team to have this commercial mindset so you get the best legal solutions.

We have helped many others. Let us help you.

We are focussed and intent on providing the best quality legal advice that is fit for the real commercial world you operate in.

Lawyers who understand a Business Lifecycle

For our Business clients we can provide legal advice for any of your business’ legal needs at any stage of your business. From a small start-up through to insolvency we have lawyers with the right expertise that can assist you and provide quality legal advice and options for you to help your business.

We can handle any legal issue that may arise in your lifecycle of your business.

Our team of commercial and litigation lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of business law matters whether you are signing a lease for the first time or selling your business our team have dealt with these matters many, many times and you get the benefit of this knowledge and experience.

Not all legal firms have this deep understanding or the resources to manage complex commercial and litigation matters.

We aim to be pragmatic and find real solutions and excellent service to our business clients.

Our  Legal Team

Each of our business lawyers individually have years of experience and knowledge and when combined with a strong team of those individuals you have many years of experience at your disposal.

Our commercial and Litigation lawyers are all experienced in many aspects of commercial law and we have a deep breadth of experience across our firm to assist you. We have helped many SME business with their legal need and we work together with our clients to get the best results.

Our Locations

Our lawyers can meet you at any of the conveniently located offices across Melbourne and discuss your matter in a location that is also suitable for you. We are providing a high level of expert advice that you would expect from a CBD law firm in a suburban setting.

We have a real depth of legal experience and knowledge that comes from many years of experience in successfully handling and negotiating in commercial and litigious legal matters.

If you would like to speak to a lawyer contact us on 1300 907 335.

Our Locations across Melbourne


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Level 1,
441 South Road,
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Level 5,
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