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Debt Collection Lawyers in Melbourne

As a law firm, we at PCL Lawyers appreciate that business can suffer when debtors are late making payment. Cash flow is imperative for a business’ survival. You might have used a traditional debt collection agency to chase payments from clients, only to discover their basic, outdated approach is ineffective and doesn’t deliver the results you need. They may have made numerous promises and broken every one of them, leaving you wondering if you would get paid at all.

Our team of debt recovery lawyers in Melbourne will act quickly in taking steps to recoup your funds and will help to get your business’ finances back on track as soon as possible.

Why a debt recovery lawyer is more effective than a traditional agency

The approach our debt collection lawyers employ is simple and typically far more effective than traditional recovery methods. As practitioners of law, we’re skilled at making the legal process work for us. When used correctly and to its full potential, legal process is highly effective in debt recovery. There are often different ways to approach debt collection through legal process and part the skill of a debt collection lawyer is advising you as to the different options available.

It is our aim to place significant pressure on your bad payers – you will get them paying you quickly as a rule, with the view to getting to the “top of their pile”. We focus on getting results for you, as our client.

Your debt lawyer will not waste your time. We move swiftly with correspondence to the debtor and will commence legal proceedings if payment is not made immediately, or if a satisfactory payment plan is not put in place.

Provided we can find the debtor and provided the debtor is solvent, your chances of success are high.

When it comes to appointing a lawyer for debt collection, we follow through. We treat each matter seriously, and apply our legal and negotiating skills to push for the best and fastest results. Further, if you are prepared to accept a payment plan, we will endeavour to get your legal costs paid for by the debtor. If legal proceedings have been issued, and a payment plan is allowed, it will be hard for the debtor resist also paying those fees.

Experienced debt collection lawyers helping Melbourne debtors

As debt recovery lawyers in Melbourne, we have a very high success rate because we’re efficient and have the necessary skill to negotiate with creditors. Quite often keen negotiation skills are exactly what is required. For many, the thought of a lawyer pursuing them is often enough to either agree to a payment plan, which is supported by a proper enforceable written arrangement, or just pay in full.

We have considerable experience in debt recovery for contractors in Melbourne. If you are a contractor and you haven’t been paid, you don’t need to be positioned out of your payment. We have extensive experience working with contractors to recover monies owing to them from builders.

We act for small to large firms and can assist with debts of any amount.

We invite you try our lawyer debt collection service. Our proactive approach has produced excellent results for others and it can for you too. This is why we are the preferred debt lawyers, bypassing the time (and often cost) wasted with an ineffective debt collection agency approach.

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