If you owe money

If you owe money

If you owe money and feel like you can’t get out of this black hole, don’t worry – there are debt solutions.

Litigation and debt dispute lawyers can help with debt collection disputes. Our team at PCL Lawyers are skilled at debt negotiations and debt settlements.

There are a variety of ways to alleviate and work through debts and times of tight cashflow.

If a claim is made against you, and you have to act quickly, our lawyers are skilled in negotiations and court proceedings.

If you have unpaid invoices outstanding legal costs can be added to the money owed so it is wise to act if a debt collection agency or lawyer is calling.

Act quickly to get advice. In many situations there can be errors with the creditors debt recovery claim, and this can be to your advantage.

If the claim is not legitimate, then you might have a counter-claim. This is often the case where there is a dispute about the service or goods provided.

If you have a legitimate claim and need time, we can also help to negotiate an outcome. It could be a good time to review your financial structure and see what other options you have available to you. It may be that some insolvency options are more suitable and give your company time to trade out of the financial position.

Our lawyers all have extensive experience in providing clear, concise and commercially sound advice in the debt recovery process.

We understand the ramifications and stress when claims for outstanding debts are made.

If it is a legitimate claim and the creditor’s debt is not paid legal action and costs can be added to the amount outstanding. If you are having difficulty repaying debts we work with you to ensure all the legal options are exhausted and the claim is minimised or renegotiated.

Some of the issues we consider carefully are:

  • Is the nature and amount of the claim correct?
  • Is the debt in dispute?
  • Can you make a counter-claim?
  • Are you being sued in the right jurisdiction?

By carefully considering the details of the debt we can work out the best legal options you have.

Has a lawyer sent a demand letter?

If you have received a letter of demand from a lawyer demanding payment you should act quickly to get advice. An experienced lawyer in debt collection matters will be able to assess the situation and the legal merits of the claim.

Final demand letters indicate that the creditor is seriously considering taking further legal action. Acting quickly gives you more time to settle the dispute, counterclaim or negotiate a payment arrangement.

Creditor's Statutory Demands

Has your business received a creditor’s statutory demand for payment?

Creditors statutory demand are often issued incorrectly as the legal processes are strict.

If you have received a statutory demand, you should get legal advice promptly. Time limits apply and if you don’t act promptly, it can mean an insolvency event for your business.

We have experience in handling disputes regarding creditor’s statutory demands and getting our client’s a favourable outcome. We are skilled in managing legal proceedings for a wide range of commercial law matters and take a robust approach to defending our clients.

At PCL lawyers we are an experienced law firm and help clients in a wide range of debt recovery matters. We provide a cost-effective service and look for the most practical and commercial solution to your problem.

If you owe money to a creditor or need to pay an overdue debt, please either call us on 1300 907 335 or complete the contact form on this page and we will be right back to you to discuss your situation.

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