Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Whether you owe money or are owed money PCL Lawyers can help.  We act quickly to get the issue to come to a compromise or a good resolution. Whether the debt is a small or large amount having a third-party to be able to negotiate can mostly get a better result faster and take the stress away from you so you can get back to focussing on your business.

How we can assist?

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There are also other matters you should consider when following up with debt collection.

PPSR Registrations

These processes and documentation are key for businesses to recover their goods in the event that a debtor cannot pay or goes into liquidation or administration.

Having a review or starting with new terms of trade will help to ensure that the right processes are followed when signing up new business. This is a key step to making the debt collection process seamless and easier. If the documentation is ambiguous or no longer relevant to current laws it will be unenforceable and you will have little rights in claiming your monies owed, debts or retrieve your goods.

We will work with you to redraft or revise your existing terms of trade to ensure that it suits your industry type and protects you with the full force of the law. This will ensure that customers understand the terms and leaves little room for disputes and arguments to arise in the future.

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