Estate Litigation

Relatives or dependents of a person who has passed away may be able to challenge an estate if there is an unfair distribution in the Estate. This is known as a Testators Family Maintenance Claim (TFM Claim) or an estate claim.

Certain people can make a claim and these include:

  • A Husband or wife
  • A de-facto or same sex partner
  • Children
  • A former husband or wife
  • Grandchildren
  • Someone who has ever been dependent on the deceased

Whether you are considering bringing a claim or an executor acting on behalf of an estate that has a claim brought against it we can assist you and advise you of the best course of action.

If you believe that you have not been properly catered for in the Will or if you are an Executor who has been approached by a party seeking to make a claim on the Estate, contact us for a confidential discussion on 1330 907 335 or, alternatively, please complete the Enquiry form on this page.

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