Claims By An Employer

We are well qualified to act for employees who have been mistreated by their employers: this is because we act for employees and employers and thus understand both sides of the equation.

We can assist in defending claims –
(a) breach of confidentiality
(b) restraint of trade
(c) other alleged breaches of an employment contract.

If it has been alleged that you have been involved in the above, a prompt, precise response will be beneficial, particularly if the claim is without merit. Even if you do think that you may be in breach in one or more of the above ways, competent legal representation can assist in containing the issues and potentially save you a lot of money as employer claims be very costly in terms of damages.

Bringing a claim against an Employer

We can also assist you in pursing your claim against an employer for such things as:

(a) unfair dismissal
(b) breach of employment contract
(c) underpayment
(d) constructive dismissal

Many employment issues have tight time frames during which you must bring a claim. Prompt action is therefore usually critical.

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